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  • Newbody Vitaminking

    VIP Low Price - $49.95
    New Body - Weight Managment

  • Rapid Cleanse 01

    VIP Low Price - $26.95
    Total Body Rapid Cleanse

  • Vega Group Shot 01 01

    VIP Low Price - $17.95
    Vega - Energizing Smoothies

  • Vitaminking Glucosmart

    SALE Price - $56.95
    Supports blood sugar control.

  • Purica Recovery Vitaminking

    SALE Price - $27.95
    Beyond Pain Relief

  • Vitaminking Bonebuilder

    VIP Low Price - $31.95
    Formulated for Seniors

  • FirstCleanse RenewLife

    VIP Low Price - $19.95
    An Easy 15 Day Herbal Cleanse

  • Fibresmartpowder

    VIP Low Price - $15.95
    Complete Digestive Care Formula

  • Essential Electrolytes

    VIP Low Price - $13.95
    For Increased Performance and Fastery Recovery

  • VitaminE800 NewROots

    VIP Low Price - $24.95
    Top Quality, Hi-Potency, Mixed Vitamin E. Simplify your Life With One a Day.

  • Amino Mix

    VIP Low Price - $27.95
    Amino-Mix is a Scientifically Balanced Source of Both Essential and Non Essential Amino Acids

  • Alphalipoic

    VIP Low Price - $29.95
    A Great Supplement for Diabetics

  • 5HTP

    VIP Low Price - $24.95
    Enhances Mood, Reduces Anxiety, Improves Sleep, Stops Cravings and Helps PMS

  • Zeus

    VIP Low Price - $69.95
    You’re Not a Rat. So Why Use Something Tested on Rats?

  • Screen Shot 2012 04 02 At 9.51.34 PM

    VIP Low Price - $35.95
    The King of Creatine

  • Beyond Grape Seed

    VIP Low Price - $39.95
    The Antioxidant that Delivers Scientifically Tested and Clinically Proven Health Benefits

  • Progressive Multi Kids L

    VIP Low Price - $16.95
    Children Love These ! Vitamins + Enzymes + Greens.

  • Prostaphil 2

    VIP Low Price - $46.95
    Superior Support for Prostate Health

  • OrthoADAPT

    VIP Low Price - $42.95
    Supports the Body's Ability to Respond to Stress

  • VitalGreens Naka1

    VIP Low Price - $28.95
    Trust Us We've Tried Them All, This is the Best!

  • Menosmart Plus

    VIP Low Price - $31.95
    Reduction of Hot Flashes, Night Sweats & Symptoms of Menopause

  • HerEnergy BradKings1

    VIP Low Price - $20.95
    Helps to Reduce Excess Body Fat Especially in the Abdominal Region.

  • MaleEnergy BradKing

    VIP Low Price - $23.95
    For Men 30+ that want Peak Performance & Supreme Health!

  • NonDairy Acidophol Trophic

    VIP Low Price - $13.95
    Heat Stable Probiotic - Great for Traveling!

  • AbsoluteWhey Interactive

    VIP Low Price - $20.95
    Whey Protein Free of Additives

  • CleanseSmart RenewLife

    VIP Low Price - $32.95
    Advanced but Easy 30 Day Herbal Cleansing Program

  • CandiGone RenewLife

    VIP Low Price - $32.95
    Suffering with Chronic Candida Yeast? Specialty Solution!

  • ChromiumPicolinate NewRoots

    VIP Low Price - $12.95
    Helps to Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

  • ParaGone 15dayprogram

    VIP Low Price - $32.95
    Are Parasites Making you Feel Sluggish? Clean them Out!

  • Potassium 99mg NaturalFactors

    VIP Low Price - $10.95
    The Electrolyte Mineral. Maintains Healthy Muscles, Nerves and Heart

  • VitaminE400 NaturalFactors

    VIP Low Price - $16.95
    Reduce Cellular Aging, and Keep your Heart Healthy

  • Magnesium 150mg NaturalFactors

    VIP Low Price - $11.95
    Relaxes the Brain, Heart and Bowel

  • EsterC Chewable Sisu 120caps

    VIP Low Price - $15.95
    Chewable & Buffered with Calcium to Ensure Absorption

  • Starchfatblocker Bradking

    VIP Low Price - $19.95
    Block up to 60% of your Carbs and 30% of your Fat Intake!

  • SmoothieInfushion Vega

    VIP Low Price - $26.95
    Give your Favorite Shake or Smoothie an Instant Boost!

  • Wildrose D Tox

    VIP Low Price - $32.95
    12 day cleanse to eliminate toxins & boost metabolism.

  • Influenzinum Boiron

    VIP Low Price - $12.95
    Nature's Flu Shot Alternative - No needles, no toxins!

  • ExtraC500 NatFactors

    VIP Low Price - $16.95
    Vitamin C Enhanced with Bioflavonoids

  • HGH LifeChoice

    VIP Low Price - $74.95
    Nature's anti-aging solution! Homeopathic HGH Drops.

  • HiPotencyB NatFactors

    VIP Low Price - $19.95
    Important for a healthy nervous system & metabolism.

  • GlusosamineSulphate Naka

    VIP Low Price - $17.95
    Based on the "Arthritis Cure" formula

  • Engystol Heel

    VIP Low Price - $18.95
    A homeopathic remedy that treats viral infections.

  • Relev X Platinum

    VIP Low Price - 32.95
    Improve Joint Mobility and Reduce Joint Soreness

  • EsterC 600 Sisu

    VIP Low Price - $21.95
    Support your body from the Cold & Flu Season

  • Image

    VIP Low Price - $4.95
    The Sunshine Vitamin we all need and love!

  • EasyMulti ActiveWomen

    VIP Low Price - $35.95
    For Moms, Business Owners & Female Super Heros!

  • EasyMulti ActiveMen

    VIP Low Price - $35.95
    Adrenal support with cordyceps and rhodiola.

  • EasyMulti Women45plus

    VIP Low Price - $46.95
    Formulated for Woman 45+ who strive for optimum health.

  • EasyMulti Men45plus

    VIP Low Price - $46.95
    Formulated for Men 45+ who strive for optimum health.

  • Strauss HeartDrops

    VIP Low Price - $74.95
    Can be helpful in treating angina, irregular heart beat, high cholesterol

The best of the best! These are the quality supplements and products that our family depends on, tried & tested for years. When you need to stock up the Natural First Aid Kit, complete a monthly order and ensure your whole family is in optimum health these are the Top 10 for you!

Strong bones are the foundation for a healthy active lifestyle. Magnesium, Boron, Vitamin K, Calcium plus many trace minerals keep our bones strong & healthy. Bones are constantly renewed, diets rich in organic greens supply minerals, these alkalize the blood and stop osteoporosis.

Reap the benefits of Whey and Hemp proteins. Both help provide glutamine and building blocks for repair and growth after a hard workout. Basic vitamin supplementation is essential for endurance, they are the catalysts for your peak performance as a team player or weight training.

Free Shipping anywhere in Canada for orders over $50! We are happy to provide a convenient flat rate for orders under $50, to the USA or International destinations. If you have any questions please let us know we are happy to help you make the right choices for your health regime.

Vitamin King is commited to our motto of Supreme Health True Wealth. Top Quality Vitamins and Supplements for the whole family.